Adaptation and stressmanagement

Stress at or through work is occupational disease number one in the Netherlands. In 2018, nearly 1.3 million Dutch employees had burnout complaints (TNO / CBS, 2019). These figures are expected to rise sharply during the current Corona crisis. Professionals working in stress-related professions in particular often have to function frequently and for long periods under extreme and aggravating circumstances. They are therefore at an increased risk of developing serious physical and psychological complaints such as burnout or worse; a Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or depression.

The adaptation program is a combination of psycho-education, clinical conversation and practical support that helps participants increase their mental resilience, enabling them to deal effectively with stress factors and thus strengthen their mental health. The guidance is in the hands of our psychologists who are defense veterans themselves. They know from their own experience what it means to be exposed to extreme stress for a long time. The brochure of the adaptation program can be downloaded here.