Polaris program

In 2012 Eduquest developed  the Polaris® program: a high-impact, international program that is proven to be effective in reducing criminal and nuisance behavior in people aged 14 and over.

The program focuses, among other things, on prevention and sustainable behavioral change with the aim of effectively returning participants to school or allowing them to participate in the labor process and thereby breaking the spiral of negative, nuisance or criminal behavior.

The program is an integral training and guidance program and has been successfully implemented in several countries. In 2016, the Polaris program was recognized by the Dutch Ministries of Justice & Security and Social Affairs and Employment as an effective program with a status of ‘promising’. Our approach is effective as shown by our results. On the reference date  January 1th 2018 we have achieved 100% of the objectives set in advance by the clients.


We work closely  together with international governments and organizations and has become a success formula that guides participants from the target group in the development of their talents, self-confidence, self-efficacy and intrinsic motivation. Meanwhile the program has  been implemented in various countries and major cities in the Netherlands. The Polaris program is property of Eduquest and is protected under European law and filed at the Benelux Merken Bureau under number 101837.