Intervening by professionals with juveniles with complex case histories

In 2019, the Netherlands had 181,000 adolescents aged 15 to 27 without a basic qualification, 70,000 of whom had no prospect of work and 18,000 minors came into contact with justice. In the same year, 428,000 adolescents up to the age of 23 received youth care (CBS, 2019). The figures in other European  countries are even higher than those in the Netherlands. These startling figures with the ensuing social costs that run into the many billions of Euros annually show how urgent the situation is. How can you help turn the tide as a professional in the security and youth domain?

The training is intended for European policy makers and working professionals who work with juveniles with complex case histories and who are looking for depth in the material and methods with which they can efficiently deploy effective interventions and set up processes to provide juveniles from the target group with adequate care and thereby achieve maximum results. You can download our brochure with additional information here.