Selection & assessments

Eduquest is a specialist in the psychological selection of permanent and temporary staff in the world of stress-related and (inter) national positions with a high-risk profile and great political sensitivity.

We provide the selection  for the staff of  the Ministry of Foreign Affairs who are designated to represent the Netherlands in crisis areas or becoming staff members at Dutch embassies and missions

In order to be able to provide the best possible advice to our clients, we have developed a number of special, validated, tailor made selection methods.

Selecting suitable candidates requires a thorough approach and requires extensive knowledge and experience with regard to living, working and functioning in these type of environments.  All our psychologists  have extensive experience in performing in these type of environments.

In addition to their professional and academic knowledge and experience, our psychologists know what type of personal characteristics and competences candidates must possess in order to be able to function adequately and successfully under special and aggravating circumstances. Our non-conventional assessments have been developed by us to provide answers to complex personnel and organization issues.

We have extensive experience within this specific field of expertise. For example, we were partly responsible for the development, performance and implementation of selection  of operators for the Dutch Special Forces and the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee.